Another runner in the night - extra bonus 1 : before and after

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To celebrate the 10th page of Another runner in the night here is a little comparison of the pictures before and after transformation.

Yeah Troyes (in France) is definitely not a cyberpunk sprawl... The lightning was quite tricky for this one.

I love this one : just my camera case on my desk... and you get a Fairlight holographic display !
See the box and batteries ? You don’t see them much on the edited picture but believe me, it’s the kind of details that changes everything in a picture. Notice the text on the holographic display ? You can’t see it in the page. When I edited the fridge pic (the one on page 2), I added a lot of details and text on the fridge screen, but after applying the filters and reducing the image to fit in the page everything was lost... So I decided not to bother and put this kind of text instead... Turned out this one was still more or less visible after reducing the image so I had to blur it out.

The famous Hong Kong skyline. The original picture was a bit blurry, but that’s not much of a problem because you don’t really see the bluriness after applying the filters. I added a whole building, which is the Xiao Renraku tower. I tried to put it where it is supposed to be and to give it the height it’s supposed to have (though I didn’t know if the stories were higher in 2070 because of trolls). But I didn’t know how large it was. I decided to make it quite large so that it would stand out even next to the 2IFC (which is taller). Also it’s supposed to display pictures, so I guess it has to be large enough. About the displayed picture : I was looking for what to display on a skyscraper in a cyberpunk sprawl... and the answer came quite naturally.

The light in the higher left corner is quite strange : it shouldn’t be there (why would there be such a light in such a place ?) but the whole image felt much better with it.

Maybe I should have added more buildings or more ads, but I didn’t want the picture to feel overcrowded and most ads should be in AR anyway.

Another example of how a simple, blurry and seemingly useless picture can be turned into something full of atmosphere. The 9x9 is a terrorist group in Shadowrun’s HK.

A good thing with Hong-Kong is that it has a lot of places that have a perfect run-down look for the webcomic... And in neighborhood where I can feel safe walking with my camera too. I was a bit clumsy when I edited out the paper on the door, but in the end it gave the feeling that the grid had been punched so I kept it that way.

The door of the room directly in front of mine... I like the contrast between the two pictures.

That’s all for today. I hope to make some other articles like this from time to time to explain or point out some things.