Another runner in the night - extra bonus 3 : references

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As promised, here is the third bonus, focused this time on the references and other details you might have found or missed in Another runner in the night.

Let’s start with the title : "Another runner in the night", which comes from Michael Mann’s song "Blinded by the Light". Page 21 is a reference to this reference with the sentence "he’s blinded by the light" which is the beginning of the chorus.

The title of the chapter, "Bold as Love" is a title from a song by Jimi Hendrix.

Both of these references are also references to Shadowrun’s books which often use song titles or lyrics as section titles.

The sentence and the font used for the text’s message (and a lot of messages in the comic) come from the Syndicate Wars video game.

’The Badger’ and ’The Red Tomcat’ are two Seattle bars created by two different characters in my games, both played by the same player.
Actually, the Red Tomcat was created with the help of another character by another player. Both characters were Russians and one of them had a weakness for cats and milk, hence the name and the "White Russian Happy Hours !"

Gruumsh is an orc god in D&D. Looks like the ork belongs to some fringe cult.

A reference to the Syndicate video game. In a cutscene, there was a blimp with the scrolling text "Welcome to the dawning of a new empire".

4 is a unlucky number for chinese. I guess that being in room 44 isn’t a good omen.

The boat is the Whampoa, the sign in front of it shows a crossed cop hat and insignia.

The back of the white T-Shirt had a wuxing diagram with the five elements, but there’s not much left of it after applying filters.

The scrolling text above the map "Welcome to the dawning of a new empire", once again.
The map is actually more or less the map of the location.
The picture on the back of the girl once was the Shadowrun logo... I guess you can still guess the shape.

A reference to the prices of the street drugs being absent from Shadowrun 4.

That’s all for now... But you can expect more (not too many, I hope) in the future !